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Lesson plans for the month

 Lesson plan # 1Title:       All about Clowns

Developmental gains:  Children will learn how to use their body to express themselves and  how to communicate your feelings with your body :)

Objectives: To learn different ways of expressing your emotions and feelingsby using a clown video. 

Procedure: Have the children to look at the clowns vedio and show how they can make a clown face either by sadness, happy, or mad.

Follow-Up activity: Please go to the Extensions of Activity page and click on the clowns video.  In class we will also, be asking questions on feelings and how to use your body to express your feelings .

Lesson Plan #2

Title:  ABC I see you

Developmental gains:  To develop the awarness of letters and print

Objectives: To have children be able to learn their letters by using song, dance, and pictures. 

Procedure: Have children to say theirt ABC's while looking at the abc chart, sing the abc song, pick out the 1st letter in their name, and work with flash cards.

Follow-Up Actitity:  Read the ABC's  book, ABC songs, and flash cardsABC.   My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God's Word in Little Hearts

For more lesson plans to teach at home please go to the extentions page and click on the lesson plans for bears and circus.

AFU parents appreciation night/Murder Mistery Dinner

We had a great time with our mistery murder dinner, as you can see everyone was playing their part



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