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During the season of bad weather AFU will go by Wake County closings and delays.  If AFU is open during bad weather and Wake County Schools are closed and a parent or the Ambulance are unable to reach the center to help due to bad weather, then AFU is liable for the child's care.  We want to always put the child first and decrease the amount of danger.  Thank you for your understanding  

When Your Child is Sick


when your child has a fever 100 degrees or over please do not give your child medication and send him/her to childcare.  This will only put other children in jeopardy of getting sick also.  Children should stay home if they have a fever, until the fever has been broken for 24 hours.  If your child becomes sick and has a fever that is 100 degrees or over AFU will call you and ask that you come and pick your child up so, that they may get the proper rest at home and to help keep other children from becoming sick.  Thank you for your cooperation if you need more info on illnesses please look in your AFU handbook.

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